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We’ve already explored the classes Hawaii Fluid Art offers for creating

Resin Tumblers and Resin Beach Scenes, but have you ever wondered what else you can create using resin? The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination. 

What is Resin Art?

Resin art is created when you combine a runny chemical called epoxy resin (or simply, resin) with various color pigments and additives to produce a blend of unique patterns and textures. When you mix the resin with a hardener, it turns into a durable, strong medium that leaves lets you achieve a variety of artistic effects with a high-gloss, protective finish. 

Because of its strength and durability, the vast majority of our Hawaii Fluid Art students choose to protect their finished acrylic paintings with resin to protect and preserve them for many years to come. You can also mix glow powders and glitter into resin to create a beautiful piece of art.

What Materials Are Compatible With Resin?

Resin is compatible with a wide variety of materials, including metal, dried acrylic paint, inkjet prints and oil paints. It also works great with:

  • Wood — Resin art is a popular way to transform plain wooden art into unique pieces. It can also be combined with fragments of wood and pigments to mimic natural elements, such as we use in our Resin Beach Scenes. 
  • Stone — Create unique jewelry and ornaments by incorporating natural elements, such as flowers, shells or precious stones. These make great personalized gifts for family and friends.
  • Photographs — Resin prevents UV light from fading the pigments in photographs, so you can replace traditional frames with resin magnets, bookmarks or coasters to display treasured memories.

Going WAY Beyond the Canvas

When it comes to using resin to make unique — and sometimes unusual — masterpieces, our students constantly amaze us. Check out this Longhorn cow skull from our Mansfield studio. From charcuterie boards to skateboards to guitars, they are always coming up with new ideas. What will you create with resin art? 

Hawaii Fluid Art’s mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit, one painting at a time.