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Franchise Opportunities.

Multiple revenue streams help you grow your business and protect it from fading fads. 

The $30 billion Craft & Hobby industry is strong and growing. Hawaii Fluid Art is well-positioned to capitalize on the popularity of instructor-led painting events and the technique of fluid art. Low entry, overhead and material cost mean a quicker ROI.

Ride the Wave. Open a Location. 

Ride the Wave. Open a Location. 

Ride the Wave. Open a Location. 

Ride the Wave. Open a Location. 

Ride the Wave. Open a Location. 

Ride the Wave. Open a Location. 

We’ll have your back from preparing for your launch, your opening and beyond…

Hawaii Fluid Art franchisees come set up for long-term success. Check out just some of the ways we are here to help our ever-growing family. Are you looking to get started today? Submit an inquiry!

Get Started

Pre-Opening Training

intro to management, purchasing, painting, and instruction.

Operating Manual

Our confidential manual helps you run your day-to-today operations smoothly.

On-Site Support

During your opening, to ensure a successful launch.

Sample Materials

Supercharge your marketing and advertising with promotional products and more.

Ongoing Support

Site visits, and access by phone and email to help keep your operation on track. 

Marketing Guidance

From email marketing to social media, we’ll help you get started. 

Frequently asked questions

What experience do I need to become a Hawaii Fluid Art franchise owner?

  • Hawaii Fluid Art does not require any specific experience to own a franchise. However, it is helpful to have some retail and/or customer service experience when dealing with the general public. General sales and business management skills are also very beneficial.
  • Potential franchise owners should also have an above-average credit rating and sufficient capital to adequately capitalize on the early development of the business.
  • We look for motivated individuals who embrace the idea of an art instruction franchise and the vision of the brand, ideally because they appreciate the importance of Hawaii Fluid Art’s techniques and how its business model provides the brand with advantages over the competition.

Do I need to be a good artist to be a successful Hawaii Fluid Art franchisee?

No, as a Hawaii Fluid Art franchise owner, you do not need special creative skills or talent. Although experience in teaching art is not required, people skills and the ability to make a positive impact on students can lead to a successful career. Of course, Hawaii Fluid Art is also a business, so leadership, administrative and/or operational skills are also valuable.

What is provided as part of the Hawaii Fluid Art franchise program?

Support from the very beginning and throughout the entire journey.

Does Hawaii Fluid Art help with site selection?

Hawaii Fluid Art does not help with traditional site location services. However, we have been through this process more than once ourselves and can provide advice and recommendations based on our experience.

How much will the Hawaii Fluid Art franchise program cost me?

On average, including franchise fee of $49,500, initial investment ranges from $102,850 to $147,950. Please refer to the information above. Additional information may be found in the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Is Financing Available

Hawaii Fluid Art does not provide financing; however, many financial institutions understand the value of investing in a proven franchise and are willing to back your venture. Your local banker is a great person to talk to about your options. The Small Business Administration (SBA) can also give you information regarding their lending programs. In addition, there are several lenders and financing companies that specialize in franchise lending. Check online for one in your area.

Are there ongoing fees to pay?

Yes, Hawaii Fluid Art is typical of most franchise opportunities. There is an initial franchise licensing fee, ongoing franchise royalty fees based on revenue, and marketing fees. You should also plan to pay for operating expenses, such as rent, utilities, salaries, insurance, and taxes.

Are there any advertising fees?

Hawaii Fluid Art charges its franchisees 2% of revenue to contribute to the overall branding and marketing of its name and image. In addition, Hawaii Fluid Art provides each of its franchisees access to discounted local digital and traditional marketing services, including branding, SEO, search engine marketing, online listing maintenance, online reputation management, social media marketing, and event marketing.

What is the term of the agreement?

Our initial franchise agreement term is 10 years.

How do I get started?

  • Start by submitting our “Contact Us” form below
  • Review the Hawaii Fluid Art Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
  • Attend a Hawaii Fluid Art Discovery Day
  • Understand the agreement and fees, seek outside advice if needed, and prepare a budget
  • Sign agreement
  • Launch your own studio!

Fill out the form below to get started with your own Hawaii Fluid Art Franchise!

This advertisement does not constitute a franchise offering or the solicitation of an offer to buy a Hawaii Fluid Art franchise which may be made only after your receipt of Hawaii Fluid Art’s Franchise Disclosure Document, which first must be registered with certain states. Hawaii Fluid Art franchises are offered solely by means of the franchise disclosure document issued by Hawaii Fluid Art Franchising, LLC, 438 Johnson Lane Ovilla, TX, 75154. Certain states and foreign countries have laws governing the offer and sale of franchises. If you are a resident of one of these states or foreign countries, Hawaii Fluid Art will not offer you a franchise unless and until it has complied with all applicable legal requirements in your jurisdiction. Please consult with your franchise seller/broker for an updated list of jurisdictions where franchises can be sold. RESIDENTS OF NEW YORK: This advertisement is not an offering. An offering can only be made by a prospectus filed first with the Department of Law of the State of New York. Such filing does not constitute approval by the New York Department of Law. RESIDENTS OF MINNESOTA: MN Franchise Registration Number: TBD.