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Fluid Art Classes

Fluid Art is our best-selling experience and namesake for a reason. It is unlike any other art form in that its natural beauty comes from fluid dynamics. The chaos and unexpected results that tilting your canvas brings after pouring your colors is where the magic lies! 

Our 1 hour class takes place in our ventilated studios and includes everything you need to create a beautiful canvas of whatever size you desire. Nothing else is required besides bringing a smile and some comfy clothes and shoes! 

"Such a Unique Experience. I Cannot Wait To Be Back For Date Night!"

No Artistic Experience Necessary!

When we say no artistic experience necessary, we mean it!

But don’t worry, we got you! – It is not uncommon for first timers to feel a little out of their comfort zone. We have found a lot of people were told at some point growing up that they weren’t artistically talented, which left an impression – and THAT STINKS!!

Fluid Art shows us that everyone can be an artist.

We empower creativity. The most amazing aspect of our business is watching our customers begin to gain confidence and relax as they create their masterpiece. One of the most common refrains we hear as our guests leave is:

“I know exactly what I am going to do next time!”

Great For Groups & More!

Who books our experiences?


No, Seriously! We Mean It!

Our Fluid Art classes are regularly booked by:

  • Individuals wanting to learn a new craft
  • Friends looking for a fun local outing
  • Couples seeking out a unique date night
  • Families hoping to create memories through a shared experience
  • Offices thinking out of the box when it comes to team building and corporate outings
  • And many others

Our studios are well ventilated and temperature controlled and all of our products are NON-toxic, water based and easy to use. Every aspect of your fluid art experience is taken care of from the beginning. We will walk you through the experience step-by-step, help you select colors, and help answer any questions once you begin creating.

If you are looking for an interesting outing for yourself, friends, family or social group, book a liquid art experience today. We can’t wait to see you.

Accessible For Everyone

Another reason Fluid Art is so special is because of its accessibility. For those differently abled, the chance to create a work of art with paint comes with so many barriers it can seem impossible. Fluid Art knocks those barriers down by removing the need for paintbrushes, precision movement, and even traditional sensory input!

We are happy to host and teach anyone who requires accessibility services. We welcome guests every day with disabilities ranging from intellectual, motor, sensory and more. Fluid Art is widely discussed among art therapists as one of the best forms of art therapy. So much so, Hawaii Fluid Art is currently developing our own therapeutic course offerings.

In short, without the expectation to create the tangible, fluid art allows creativity to flow through a variety of senses. From touch as paint runs over the edges of your canvas onto your fingers to sound as the paint pools below your first pours. Come experience inclusive fun for your next outing!