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Who Books At Hawaii Fluid Art?

Everyone! Our Fluid Art classes are regularly booked by:

  • Individuals wanting to learn a new craft
  • Friends looking for a fun local outing
  • Couples seeking out a unique date night
  • Families hoping to create memories through a shared experience
  • Offices thinking out of the box when it comes to team building and corporate outings
  • And many others!

Fun Things To Do Alone!

We love welcoming individuals to book our experiences. Hawaii Fluid Art offers classes that are perfect for anyone looking to learn a new skill, get out of the house for a few hours, or expand on their already developed skillset.

One of our most common customers is someone who first came to a Hawaii Fluid Art experience with friends or in a group and wanted to come back to try a new experience or attempt a new design on what they tried prior!

Date Night Ideas

Hawaii Fluid Art serves as the perfect spot for first dates and diamond anniversaries alike! There is no better way to create memories with someone special than to create a work of art together.

Our classes offer the perfect opportunity to work together and collaborate on one piece of art, or showcase your unique artistic style by each creating a canvas or tumbler!

Fun Family Outings

Looking to get out of the house as a family and make some memories? Discover your inner artists together at Hawaii Fluid Art and bring home keepsakes that will remind you of the time together forever!

Hawaii Fluid Art experiences serve as the perfect activity for catching up with visiting, out of town relatives. Many of our experiences are adaptable for individuals of all ages starting at 3 and up!

Fun Ideas For Birthday Parties

Hawaii Fluid Art LOVES birthday parties for kids (and adults!) of all ages starting at 3 and up. We can provide the perfect experience for your group that will have the celebrant talking about this birthday for years to come.

Each location can accommodate a specific amount of people depending on the desired experience. Call 1(800) 463-3793 to check on the specific availability for your party!

Discover our Experiences!

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Ideas for Office Outings & Team Building Activities

We love hosting office outings! Fluid Art makes for an awesome team building exercise, as teammates can learn to work together to try and direct the flow of paint across a larger canvas.

Resin Tumblers are especially convenient for teams working in offices. As some employers have policies around what employees can hang on the wall or around their work space. So they wouldn’t be able to share their fluid art.

Just about no employers have policies around what cups employees can use. So not only can your team create together during your office outing, but they can then enjoy the camaraderie of representing their works of art in the office as well.

Activities for Summer Camps

Whether your camp is looking for a fun artistic outing, or an activity to do during the rain, come on through to Hawaii Fluid Art!

We love working with Summer Camps for activities and outings. What’s more fun for your campers than a day that comes complete with a built-in keepsake that will remind them of how much fun they had to keep them coming back next summer!

Fun Ideas for Ladies Nights & Bachelorette Parties

Sometimes you just need to hit the town with your gals! Hawaii Fluid Art loves hosting bachelorette parties and ladies nights alike! Book an experience for you and your friends that nobody will soon forget.

Several of our locations offer BYOB, and many look forward to being able to offer beer, wine and even liquor starting in 2024. Inquire with your closest location about their policies with alcohol.

Fun Activities for Senior Citizens & Group Living Centers

One of the most amazing aspects of Fluid Art is its accessibility for people of all cognition and mobility levels! It serves as an excellent way for senior citizens to get out of the house and create something stimulating, colorful and memorable.

We are happy to host and teach anyone who requires accessibility services. We welcome guests every day with disabilities ranging from intellectual, motor, sensory and more. Fluid Art is widely discussed among art therapists as one of the best forms of art therapy. So much so, Hawaii Fluid Art is currently developing our own therapeutic course offerings for 2024!

The Perfect Activity Catching Up with Old Friends

Sometimes catching up with friends is easiest done over a fun activity. Fluid Art provides the perfect experience to catch up with friends while you both create works of art!

While they will be there to help through your creative process, the instructor-led portion of the experience is brief, so you will have ample time to chit chat and hear all the latest while crafting keepsakes of the experience.